For the Amazon event in Santa Monica, we had our very own Kevin Michaluk and Ashley Esqueda on the ground taking in the all news and sending it back for us. Amazon kept them both pretty busy with plenty of announcements so they decided to go ahead and do up an un-edited, but entertaining, debriefing of the events. Check out the video and in case you missed out on anything, be sure to get yourself caught up. You can see all the posts from the event right here!


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Amazon Kindle Event Debrief - Kindle Fire HD, new features and more!


Yeah where have you been? He's been rocking the HTC One X in white for most of the last 3 months (he went back to his Bold for a few weeks around the RIM AGM) and doing things for this site and the others.

You can only spend just so much time focusing on every little tidbit that comes out about Blackberry 10, hyping the crap out of it trying to help the Crackberry Nation keep the faith, and countering every major negative article about RIM, skewing it to make it look like it isn't as bad as it is being made out to.

I'm not saying this to be snide or anything, I love RIM and expect that we are all going to be surprised next February, but I am also a realist and right now Blackberry is in a desert with the most exciting things to happen for BB is a Dev Alpha device that consumers can't get, a new entry level Curve that is nothing new, and a 4G playbook that would have been exciting if it had launched a year ago.

Call me crazy, but isn't the Kindle Fire HD more of a reader than it is a full blown tablet? And if so, how do you compare it with the Nexus 7 or iPad that are running full blown OS whether Apple or Android.

And on the production side, I find the background noise when shooting these videos very annoying and takes away from what's actually being said. I realize this is hard to avoid to get it to press ASAP, but I think finding a way to mic the folks doing the speaking with a device that cuts down on the background noise might help.. Sorry just had to throw that out there :)

Is it me, or does Ashley consider her opinion more important then Kevin's?!? She needs a muzzle! No offense Ashley. ; ]