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Sprint has some pretty awesome news for EVO View 4G owners, especially if you're concerned about data packages available to the device. Today, they announced they will be offering up À la carte 3G/4G data on the EVO View 4G.

Starting today, Sprint customers have the option to pay for data access on the Sprint 3G and 4G networks using the HTC EVO View tablet by the day, week or month with no long-term contract. Customers can choose the 3G/4G Day, Week or Month pass that fits their needs:

  • Day: $14.99 for 150 MB of on-network usage in a 24-hour period (includes 50 MB off-network roaming usage)

  • Week: $29.99 for 500 MB of on-network usage in a 7-day period (includes 100 MB off-network roaming usage)

  • Month: $49.99 for 1.5 GB of usage in a 30-day period (includes 150 MB off-network roaming usage)

These options are available for both businesses and consumers.
And there are no overage charges to worry about. Once you hit your data limit, or the end of your day, week or month, the data access automatically turns off.

Not bad, Sprint -- nice to see. Sprint also notes that they'll be adding Mobile Broadband devices in the near future, that can make use of these contract free offerings. Hit the source link for the full details, and of course -- a comparison chart of what the other carriers charge vs. what Sprint is now charging.

Source: Sprint


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À la carte 3G/4G data on the EVO View 4G now available


clearly they are higher prices because it requires no contract. even still, seems pretty high for 1.5 gigs. but nice to have option i guess. i dont see this really helping sprint gain new customers, maybe its to apease a vocal few :)

But shouldn't no contract prices cost less? Isnt the whole reason for higher prices because of the discount that the consumer is supposedly for the device and in exchange we pay higher rates for service over the course of two years? If the device is bough out riht, the carrier no longer needs to make extra money off of consumer to pay for device and therefore the price is cheaper. Thats why carriers like Metro PCS are in business because of just that. They only let consumers buy phone or device out right and in exchange offer cheaper service

"Not bad, Sprint -- nice to see." Are you kidding? Those prices are outragous. Those prices make Verizon's a la cart plans look good. With AT&T, you get 30 days to use 250 MBs of data for $14.99. Only 24 hours for 150 MBs of data? What a joke.

Anyone who would consider these prices as reasonable needs to get their skull checked out! Seriously. The excuse for higher rates due to no contract would've been acceptable 2 yrs ago, but not today when the very same company will sell you a Virgin Mobile MIFI without contract for a fraction of the cost. I understand that you have to buy the MIFI, but $100 is a small price to pay if you plan on being away from WIFI for extended periods of time.

It's more expensive because it's a la carte not because its off contract. They are not trying to offer an alternative to the contract plan. This is for people who don't want data, don't sign up for it, then plan a trip to wherever and think to themselves "it would be nice to have mobile data on this thing but only while I'm on this trip (or whatever circumstance)". 15 - 30 dollars is what Sprint thinks their customers will be willing to pay for this.... And I suspect they're right.

Considering Sprint 4G is less prevalent than coffee shops with free WiFi, I think I'll stick to my $4.65 cappuplano.

I still call BS. I already pay for unlimited data. Wtf difference does it make if i look at the data on phone or my tab?? ( I don't even own a tab). Unlimited is unlimited. Look it up. I can't believe people pay ANYTHING for this if you are already paying for it with your cell package. All of the phone companies are ripping off John Q. Public with this. I've been a long long time Sprint customer and partly blame them. They are just following the other carriers plans. Time for Sprint to stand up and start including this in something we all already pay for with our phones. Geesh.

There is no such thing as unlimited data. You cant go to an unlimited buffet and bring your dog, a bucket and trenchcoat with extra deep pockets. The same goes for your smartphone. Don't pay for a buffet and ask to feed an army.

The amount of data you can consume now on smartphones and new technology like tablets was not designed into current data plans. Don't expect to pay tiny data fees and to stream netflix, pandora and youtube 24 hr a day.

If you want real unlimited data for your tablet, pay the hot spot fee and enjoy 3g/4g data that often beats your home dsl or even cable internet. Pay the $20, cancel your slow home isp and stop trying to game the system.

People like you who expect everything for nothing or those who root and tether and download 40-60 Gb a month are why the carriers had to switched to tiered data in the first place.


Is Sprint serious with this pricing? How is this even remotely considered a good thing? I mean for users with the Evo view 4g that would be on no contract ptices, it means that they have bought the tablet outright, so there should be some sort of reduction in prices to compensate for that.... There is no compensation... these prices are more expensive than two year contract prices for 3gb!!!! (http://shop.sprint.com/mysprint/shop/plan/plan_wall.jsp?tabId=plnTab1820...) which MAKES NO SENSE! If I bought my tablet outright my fees for service should be cheaper NOT HIGHER!!!

Go back to the drawing board on this Sprint

This is laughable! You can use the first two plans up in about 15 minutes of use. I use 4 to 5GB per month on my Photon and that is only web browsing and a few youtube videos. These cellular companies are clearly misguided. They will sell some of these at first and then, once customers run out of data the first day they will start complaining andthe options will be dropped. You can turn on the Hotspot feature on your phone for $29/ month with unlimited 3g/4g data and you can turn it on and off whenever you want without changing the rest of your plan. They need to spend time on fixing their network problems right now and not wasting time releasing these ridiculous plans.

"Not bad Sprint..." Are you insane? Verizon, the major data pricing rapist, charges $30 for 2GB and $50 for 5GB. Pass. Not even just a little pass, no a huge MAJOR pass!

And just out of curiosity, what the hell is Sprint doing with their comparative chart? I'm paying $50 for my 5GB right now on Verizon.

This play is a complete JOKE. I'll go as far as to say that anyone who thinks this is a good deal is either a moron or is the CEO of SPRINT.

I hope this plan massively fails and providers offer something less outrageous.