µTorrent Beta

Following up on their previous offering of µTorrent Remote which allowed for you to have direct access to torrents being downloaded on your computer and control them remotely, the folks from BitTorrent have now finally delivered a beta version of their long await full fledged torrent client for Android. Considering that it is a beta, there is still some kinks to be worked out but overall the features they've included are pretty nice:

  • Find, download and seed torrent files directly from your device.
  • Add RSS feed subscriptions from BitTorrent or elsewhere around the web.
  • No speed or size caps on downloads (mobile data limits still apply)

That last feature is the one you'll mostly need to be aware of. If you download a torrent file, you're going to be downloading the size of that file plus, whatever it contains. In addition to that, you'll end up 'seeding' that file as well, which means you'll be uploading it for others all through your carrier offered data plan. If you don't have an unlimited data, that certainly could spell trouble for a few folks if you're not mindful. µTorrent Beta is live in the Google Play Store right now, for those interested in giving it a go.


Reader comments

µTorrent Beta arrives on the Google Play Store, those with limited data plans need not apply


If there's anything that'll push Sprint (and now T-Mobile) away from offering unlimited mobile data, this will be it.
Still, pretty cool...

I would of never thought people with at&t or verizon would be considered 3rd world people but in the tech world it makes sense

I would like to say I have Verizon and unlimited data. Since Verizon is making me pay full price to retain the unlimited data, I can strongly say, "F U Verizon!" I will use every GB possible with this app and the many others to make sure you know exactly how I feel when you have to upgrade the towers in my surrounding area at a cost of a few million!

I'm in the same boat, I didn't use much 3G data as typically wifi was so much faster but once Verizon said going forward I would be paying full price I stopped using Wifi at all. They want me to pay full price I will use as much 4G on my phone and not feel guilty.

Sounds like a sure-fire way for Verizon to make sure they re-vamp yours (And the rest of our) unlimited plans once our current contracts are up.

This app (And that attitude) is not going to help carriers move in the right direction.

I'm not quite sure if you meant by 3rd world people, but since you used the term, I have something to say.

I'm technically from the 3rd world (I'm in the Philippines) and I enjoy an unlimited data plan here. Granted, it's not very fast (3-4 mbps average, maybe twice that in certain locales), but it isn't capped (or at least I've never hit a cap). It costs me roughly P1,000, which converts to around $24 each month.

LTE (though capped at 10GB / mo IIRC) just recently launched in our area, but I'm not on that provider. My provider is launching later this year.

The 3rd world (or at least my corner of the 3rd world) isn't that bad. That being said, I wouldn't mind lower temperatures, higher broadband speeds, more (much more) pay, and less traffic. I'm going off topic, I know, so I'll just shut up now.

These will be my last 2 years with Verizon's unlimited plan (got a GNex the day before the shared plans rolled out), I only wifi once or twice and month, I'm gonna make sure that Verizon knows I'm one of the last, and torrents are a great way to let them know :)

Been using ADownloader app on my Sprint plan for months now. I showed Sprint that even though they give us subpar speeds, I will milk thus connection for everything its worth.

It's nice to see Utorrent finally catching up with the others on Android.

Ha ha Sprint, 49.3 Gb in one month. That's just on Wimax.

If only there was a way to connect my phone wirelessly to the same internet connection I use on my tablet, TV, laptop, or game console, then I wouldn't have to worry about my wireless plans limits or lack thereof... Seriously do you even need to mention the bandwidth talk to people that know what a torrent is?

I have been using aDownloader and will gladly give a beta product a try if there is no speed limits. Its just easier to download on my phone, use USB on the Go to put on a flash drive and put that in my Blu-ray player, then to go in a different room and use the computer. That or use MHL to play right from my phone.

Been using adownloader for ages too. Not sure why its taken utorrent this long to release an app that allows direct downloads of torrents to your phone. This is for me is one of the biggest draws of Android over Apple junk.

Torrents on your phone, just seems like a bad idea, battery drain, carrier tos, slowing down the entire network.

Instead I have deludge webui, upload torrent to webui and either download over wifi or watch via dlna when I'm at home.